The Froggen Special

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen is known to be the best Anivia player in the world and is constantly inventing new playstyles for the champion. The Eggnivia Teleport relies on a special mechanic that only the champion Anivia has. Her passive morphs her into Eggnivia when she dies and after a few seconds, she is resurrected. Luckily, the morphing process does not interrupt any previously channelled ability thus ultimately increasing the total channel time window.

The Eggnivia Teleport is done when Teleport starts to channel in her bird form and is continued when she morphs into an egg. The key to successfully executing this technique is knowing that the egg form will survive any attacks until the Teleport channel finishes. This is a very unconventional play but may be useful when trying to escape when there are no other options!