The Underdog Story

CJ Entus was one of the top teams in the Korean region housing many of the best players including inSec and dade. Backed by a Korean conglomerate, CJ Group, they were the favorites the win the competition.

On the other hand, GSG was a complete amateur team. They had no sponsors and had to make time to practice together in internet cafes or PC bangs. They were the complete opposite of CJ Entus.

GSG fought tooth and nail to get to Game 5 of NLB Winter Finals. They decided risk it all and picked an unconventional push composition that included Heimerdinger Jungle. CJ Entus was thrown into confusion and 19 minutes, GSG brought down the third inhibitor and proceeded to become Winter Champions.

This was the ultimate underdog story and lead some players to grow into World Class professional players such as Easyhoon (Easy) and PoohManDu (ManDu).