The Esports Anthem

It was the Season 2 World Championships broadcasted live for the world to see. Riot Games was still in its infancy when it came to live productions and fortunately through technical errors, they introduced Silver Scrapes to the world audience. Whenever the production team faced difficulties, they would take large breaks to attempt to resolve the issues. When this happened, they would temporarily display a static stream to the online audience and have Silver Scrapes play in the background. However, these breaks lasted for hours and were very often.

Silver Scrapes was replayed so much that the community began to really enjoy the music for its heavy dubstep drops and electronic dance vibes. Season 2 World Championships lead the frontiers of Esports expansion at the time and Silver Scrapes had evolved to be its anthem. As a tribute, whenever a Best of 5 series reaches the last game, Silver Scrapes is played to commemorate how far Esports has come and celebrate the hype for the final game!