The Legendary Kick

The Season 3 All Stars Tournament was one of the biggest international League of Legends events which drew the attention of a global audience. During a crucial match between EU and OGN All Stars, Choi “Insec” In-Seok single handedly won a teamfight by perfectly executing The Insec.

The Insec is a signature Lee Sin technique popularized by Choi “Insec” In-Seok after the memorable execution on the world stage. This technique is performed by ward jumping behind the target during a Resonating Strike and kicking the target towards your team with Dragon’s Rage. The Insec became a staple technique for every Lee Sin player for its stylish and impactful execution. Choi “Insec” In-Seok became famous for his Lee Sin kick and was considered the best jungler in the world at the time due to his incredibly good mechanics and innovation.